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Aphrodite’s Kiss by Rosemary Jenkinson

Aphrodite’s Kiss by Rosemary Jenkinson

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Whittrick Press is proud to present our latest release, a new short story collection from Rosemary Jenkinson, hot on the heels of her new play Here Comes the Night at the Lyric Theatre.

With these extraordinary stories, one of Ireland’s acclaimed theatre writers ranges her eye across the attic rooms and…

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The answer waits in the question that’s half-spoken, / The oak in the acorn, theory in worry, / The poem you write is already foreshadowed / When you pencil the first warm phrase, and every word / Is a choice that lessens choice, till the anxious voice / Picks one last possibility out of silence.

— The Whittrick by Edwin Morgan

Long, slim; short furry tail. Reddish-brown upperparts separated from white underparts by a wavy flank line.

— The Weasel
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