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Whittrick Book Launch – May 9

Whittrick Book Launch – May 9

News & Events

Venue: The Belfast Barge
Date: May 9
Time: 7pm
Price: Free entry
Part of: Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

‘And she thinks that if she could follow them, maybe she would find her way home.’

From ‘Home’ by Bernie McGill

If you like words, and care about the order in which they are put, come along to the launch of Northern Ireland’s newest digital publisher, Whittrick Press, and a celebration of their first release, Sleepwalkers and Other Stories by Bernie McGill.

Sleepwalkers is a collection of quiet brilliance, featuring stories of loss, grief and recovery, from the author of the internationally renowned The Butterfly Cabinet. We’ll hear from Bernie and friends, listen to beautiful music, and toast the birth of this wonderful collection.

Whittrick Press are dedicated to publishing exceptional work from around the world that reminds us of the power and joy to be found in language and storytelling. Bringing new voices and new ideas to the world, one piece at a time.

Written by David Lewis

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